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Carrera Cruise Journey - 2 Hours
In this respect, it is ideal to practice before the Thémaé Ritual, which feels that your whole body has been renewed by the miraculous effect of tea extracts. In this ritual, the surface of the skin is smoothed and free from dead cells, thanks to the scrub which is a mixture of apricot oil and bamboo powder. You will forget all your tiredness with a little getaway, you will enjoy the privileged service with this service and the accompanying butler service on this journey which will continue to the sun more energetically ...
Carrera Pampering Tea and Water Ritual - 3 Hours
A unique space away from the hustle and bustle of life, a unique concept to feel the peace ...
After experiencing the Carrera Hammam Ritual, you will get the most suitable massage you will choose according to your mood or physical needs, along with a personalized buttler service, spoil our suite treats while enjoying the jacuzzi and you will feel yourself like queen...
Thémaé Ritual - 90 min
Moisturizes your body and helps you to have a brighter skin.
After the Welcoming Ceremony, deep massage is applied to the back and head area. After the massage, the face is treated to stimulate the skin, relieve it and correct it. When your legs are massaged, a special face mask is applied. You will feel refreshed and refreshed after the Thémaé Ritual, who feels that your whole body has been renewed with the miraculous effect of tea extracts ...

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The Carrera legend was born in 1950 after the racing celebration in the Mexican section of Pan-American Highway, taking the name "Carrera Panemerica". In 1954, Hans Herrman's third succession conveyed to this success. Over the years, the "Carrera" brand has become a passion for everyone, in the car and fashion scene.

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