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Thémaé Facial Care
With the valuable "4 Tea Extract" blended with refreshing white tea, stimulant black tea, relaxing red tea and antioxidant green tea, the formula is applied to the formula where all the benefits of tea are sprinkled. The skin is cleansed from all dead cells and gets natural light ...
Moisturizing & Shining Face Treatment-50 min
Your skin loses its health and vitality during the day with UV rays, makeup, free radicals, cigarettes, stress, wrong nutrition. The Hydratation Strategy is the perfect choice for matt and non-living skins. The ridiculous massage equipment begins with a sera massaging, stretching and stretching. The skin is cleaned and scrub is made before the mask, and deep relaxation is maintained by shiatsu massage technique.
Rejuvenating Facial Seromonia - 80 min
It is recommended that this facial is applied regularly for more prominent and lasting results. The small lines and the traces of aging that are created by the aimed care of gestures are the most down to the collagen mask. Lifting and tightening techniques are applied at each stage. At each stage (scrub, bio-protein containing soy serum), skin tightening is achieved with Japanese massage techniques and traditional instruments (Ridoki, Nouat-naa). After this ceremony, the skin reaches a fresher, more refreshed appearance.
Firming Anti-Aging Ritual - 80 min
This care, which is the effect of lifting and tightening to combat wrinkles, may be preferred. It is recommended to apply regularly for maintenance and more specific results. The accentuated massage movements applied continuously in the ritual provide visibly rejuvenated skin. Sophisticated massage movements that provide skin tightening at all stages of care (dead cell purification, bio-protein-protein serum) are applied with traditional instruments such as Ridoki and Nouat Naa. After this ritual, the skin gets a refreshing and refreshing image.
Shimmering Green Tea Facial Care - 30 min
It is a quick face treatment that refreshes the skin completely. This care consists of a series of soft treatments such as cleansing (makeup cleansing, gentle steam, exfoliation), stress relief facial mask (dispenser green tea compresses) and massage. You will have a shiny, bright skin ...

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