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Carrera Fitness

Have fun, stay fit, live healthy!
Located in a large area of 5000 square meters, Carrera Fitness & SPA is designed to make you comfortable sports with the latest technology TechnoGym equipments, wide area and high ceiling.
Our experienced trainers can enjoy the fun group lessons, the exclusive Pilates studio for PT and the special Spinning studio where you can enjoy high-tempo lessons with music rhythm and Carrera energy every moment you can join in the courses of AntiGravity and Carrera Board which are the first in İzmir.
Carrera Fitness & SPA, which also has indoor basketball and volleyball courts where you will have fun with your friends, is waiting for you to feel your specialness in your private relaxation area where sauna and steam room are located.
AntiGravityFitness: AntiGravityFitness contains movements made in the air with the help of a hammock which can be transported 453 kg. Yoga, dance, pilates and gymnastic movements are made in the air with an artistic combination. It not only rescues the person from the pressure of gravity, but also renews the mood and confronts the inner world.
Carrera Board: Pilates, yoga, dance, gymnastics and balance exercises on an inclined board are a fun lesson.
AquaGym: Another name is water gymnastics, aerobics exercises made with special weight and resistance tires produced for the pool by the guidance of professional trainers in a swimming pool as deep as the chest line.
Pilates: An exercise program that focuses on basic muscles that help keep the body balanced and is important in supporting the spine.
Zumba: A Latin-inspired dance-fitness lesson with dynamic, exciting and high-tempo music accompanied by dance steps.
Yoga: A skin that includes physical exercises to promote peace and harmony.
Insanity Workout: The main aim of the program is to bring flexibility, speed and strength to the body and at the same time to accelerate fat burning and still bring muscle mass to a certain extent. It is one of the most fun lessons with the number of movements you can make with your moving body, difficulty and weight of your own body, which means frenzy, insanity in Turkish.
Streching: It is a training program to increase the flexibility and movement capacity of the body. By joining this program, you can increase your joint flexibility and prevent injuries to a high degree.

About Us

The Carrera legend was born in 1950 after the racing celebration in the Mexican section of Pan-American Highway, taking the name "Carrera Panemerica". In 1954, Hans Herrman's third succession conveyed to this success. Over the years, the "Carrera" brand has become a passion for everyone, in the car and fashion scene.

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